The Goyder’s Line Medical Practice provides high quality continuing care for you. In compliance with maintaining confidentiality and trust with your Doctor, the practice wishes to inform you:

  • Information collected about you requires your consent
    Why, how and who we will disclose this information to can be for the following purposes:
  • Diagnosis and treatment of your problem, including communicating with practice staff, specialists and other healthcare providers involved in your care.
  • Healthcare prevention
  • Accreditation and Quality Assurance
  • Billing and collection of professional fees
  • For work related or medico-legal reasons
  • Teaching and research
    We will require you consent to use this information for any of these purposes
  • By writing to your doctor you can request access to information we hold about you. An administration fee will apply
  • An explanation will be provided to you if legislation prevents certain information from being disclosed to you
  • You can discuss any concerns about how we handle your information
  • For further information on our policy please ask