Chris Laird’s YP Audiology

Jane Chapman visits Jamestown fortnight. You can be referred by your GP however a referral is not essential. Hearing assessments are bulk billed to Medicare. For more information please call (08) 8821 3355.

Diabetic Educator

Belinda Reddaway and Kylie Kupke visit Jamestown, Peterborough and Orroroo weekly from GP Plus Port Pirie. It is preferred that patients have a GP referral however it is not essential. All appointments are bulk billed. Please call GP Plus on (08) 8638 1100 for more information.


Jessie Hammat visits Jamestown twice a week on Monday’s and Thursday’s and Orroroo once a month on a Monday. Peterborough is currently going through a trial period to see if they will have regular visits. It is preferred patients are referred by a GP but is not essential. All appointments are bulk billed. Please call GP Plus on (08) 8638 1100for more information.

Fab for Life

Fab for Life is a strength and balance class run by GP Plus Port Pirie in Jamestown weekly on a Thursday Morning. The class runs for an hour (10am-11am) for the over 65 years olds to help prevent falls. Patients must register through My Aged Care and have a Clearance form completed by your doctor to attend these classes. For more information please call GP Plus Port Pirie on (08) 8638 1100.

Lymphedema Clinic

The Jamestown Hospital runs a regular Lymphedema clinic at the Medical Centre. For these one on one sessions it is required to have a GP referral. All appointments are bulk billed. Please call the Jamestown Hospital on (08) 8664 1406 for more information.

Obstetrics and Prenatal Care

Jamestown runs clinics with GP’s every Thursday afternoon with a Midwife. Orroroo and Peterborough Have fortnightly clinics on Tuesday afternoon. Deliveries can only be done at the Jamestown Hospital. Please ring any of the medical clinics to book in for these. The Jamestown Hospital also runs prenatal classes on Thursday afternoons. Patients can attend a 4 week program for an hour a week between 6.30pm-7.30pm or can opt to have a quicker condensed version with a midwife. All classes are run at the Jamestown hospital, please call them on (08) 8664 1406 for more information.


Mirza Beslagic is a Private Podiatrist that visit Jamestown, Peterborough and Orroroo. He also consults in other towns including, Port Pirie, Booleroo Centre, Port Broughton. A referral is preferred but not essential, please call Port Pirie on 0419 831 441 for more information. For appointments please call: Jamestown (08) 8664 1078, Peterborough (08) 8651 0400 or Orroroo (08) 8658 1222