Welcome to Goyder’s Line Medical

Goyder’s Line Medical consists of 3 Medical Centre facilities in Jamestown, Peterborough and Orroroo as well as working in conjunction with the Jamestown, Peterborough and Orroroo Hospitals. Our practices not only offer general practitioner services, but also a wide range of specialist services across the 3 locations.



Goyder’s Line Medical is now able to offer phone consults for vulnerable patients requiring advice, scripts, sick certificates, referrals and other conditions where face-to-face contact is not required. We recommend patients who are able to come into the clinic do so to give the best care we can.

If your phone call is for scripts we can deliver them directly to the local pharmacy in each practice location, and you can collect your medications from there.

Our reception staff will also be asking all patients screening questions. PLEASE DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR TRAVEL HISTORY, COVID-19 EXPOSURE OR ANY COLD AND FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS. To do so is putting medical staff and other patients at risk and will not be tolerated. Please look after the doctors, nurses and admin staff that look after you.

Clearance certificates:
Any patients with cold or flu like symptoms are to have a phone consult and sent to the hospital to be swabbed for COVID-19. We are unable to provide clearance certificates for patients.

If you are unwell with cough, fevers, aches, cold/flu symptoms, but your symptoms are mild, then please stay home and do not attend work, school or gatherings until you have fully recovered. If your symptoms are severe please phone the clinic or hospital for further advice.

There is no need to panic. In general, please follow these simple steps as recommended by the Dept. of Health:
– Regular hand washing
– Stay 1.5m away from others
– Avoid attending non-essential gatherings of people
– Remote work if possible
– Minimise unnecessary travel


66 Irvine Street, Jamestown SA 5491
Phone: 08 8664 1078
Fax: 08 8664 1224

Jamestown Hospital

South Terrace, Jamestown SA 5491
Phone: 08 8664 1406
Fax: 08 8664 1698


23 Hurlstone Street, (PO BOX 102), Peterborough SA 5422
Phone: 08 8677 6500
Fax: 08 8651 3462

Peterborough Hospital

23 Hurlstone Street, Peterborough SA 5422
Phone: 08 8651 0400
Fax: 08 8651 2552


23 Second Street, Orroroo SA 5431
Phone: 08 8677 5500
Fax: 08 8658 1333

Orroroo Hospital

68 Price Morris Road, Orroroo SA 5431
Phone: 08 8658 1200
Fax: 08 8658 1236